Cybersecurity Recruitment

Our 27+ strong team of specialized cybersecurity recruiters are trained on the latest security trends by experts. CYWORKS, our in-house AI-driven recruitment tool helps us find the best candidates for you.

Vulnerability Tests

Security is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. We scan for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities along with a host of other security threats to ensure that your applications, networks and data is secure.

Ethical Hacking

Our 21-strong team of ethical hackers will attack your public facing assets to find P0 and P1 vulnerabilities. We work with your team to get them fixed to ensure that your infrastructure and data stays secure.

Cutting Edge Perimeter and AppSec Services

Defending your existing technology-driven business becomes as critical as finding new threats. Our team of cybersecurity professionals will help you get a safer online experience.


Our team of master hackers and cybersecurity experts are ready for tomorrow’s challenges – today. We scour the security landscape to leave no threat unaccounted for.

Outsmart Cybercriminals

Defending your existing technology-driven business becomes as critical as finding new threats. We will help you give your users a safer online experience.

Secure - Inside Out

We evaluate, monitor, test and harden your cloud platforms and applications so you can deploy and deliver applications and services with confidence.

Enterprise-grade Security

We ensure data security and complete privacy by default. Our team of cybersecurity professionals keep your data, apps, and info safe at all times.

Total perimeter security

Unless your digital assets are secure in the eyes of a hacker, they aren't secure enough. We help you build highly secure platforms and services.

  • VAPT Services
  • Database Administration
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Cloud Security
  • DevOps Security
  • Cybersecurity Recruitment
  • Cyberwarrior Training
  • App Sec
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Awareness Training
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Why Choose Us

Only a hacker knows what another hacker is looking for. Our industry-relevant VAPT and continuous cloud security offerings help you to ensure total peace of mind.

  • Focused VAPT services
  • Team of 21 Highly-regarded hackers
  • Hacker-led cybersecurity recruitment services
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Recruitment , cloud security and Database Admin Services by Cybersecurity Experts

Looking for cybersecurity experts? Need total perimeter security? Does your database need optimization? Are you trying to train your team in cybersecurity?

Don't worry! We've got your back!

Cybersecurity Recruitment

We’re India’s first and only Cybersecurity-focused recruitment company. Our recruiters are trained on the latest security trends by industry experts and use our in-house AI-driven recruitment tool to ensure we only find the best of the lot.


Our AppSec services are designed to ascertain the “penetrability” of your digital assets. Our in-house team of security experts simulate a real-world cyber-attack to give you an experience of an actual cyber-attack without disruptions.

Cloud Security

In the cloud, security requirements are similar across endpoints, applications, and enterprise perimeters. Our cloud security services ensure that your users get secure access to applications and data anytime, anywhere!

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Solution

Boost security awareness across your organization. Our intelligent and adaptive AI-driven training engine creates customized learning journeys for your team. Educate employees based on their at-risk behaviour. Customize and consolidate your training materials at one location.

DevOps and Database Administration

Databases and DevOps are the heart of any organization and are the primary target of cybercriminals. Our Database and DevOps experts understand this well and help you architect, plan, deploy and secure your IT infrastructure and databases to ensure total peace of mind.

Cyberforce - Building next-gen cyber warriors

Cyberforce is a unique training program. This certified training and mentorship program will facilitate you to learn and work alongside the world's best cybersecurity specialists. You will gain vital first-hand knowledge about cybersecurity and how to effectively deter cybercrime.

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