No Vulnerabilities = free

70% of our clients believed they were ready for next-gen hackers. Our security team took minutes to prove them wrong.

It takes just 3 hackers

A group of 2 or 3 experienced hackers can find and exploit vulnerabilities in minutes. Imagine what 21 hackers can do.

Focused VAPT services

Our hybrid script+human approach helps us target and attack your systems to find vulnerabilities faster than anyone else.

Are your public-facing assets ready for the next major hack?

Are your digital assets ready for tomorrow’s vulnerabilities today? If you’re unsure, let the Equator team take over.

No Vulnerabilities, No Charge.

Top-ranked hackers

Listed in the hall of fame at Google, Facebook and Microsoft, our team of hackers and bug bounty hunters unearth vulnerabilities that others mostly overlook.

Risk-free penetration testing

You only pay if we find a P0 or a P1 vulnerability. It’s as simple as that.

No vulnerability=free.

Test, Patch, Test

We find problems. You fix them. We test your fix. Our teams help you plug the vulnerabilities for good.

Offensive to test defenses

The best way to secure your digital assets is to try and hack them. The Equator team does just that, so you can build safer applications and services.

Faster. Smarter. Equator

Equator is the perfect “first hack simulation” your company can do. Get hacker-driven vulnerability testing for free (lest we find a P0 or P1, of course)!

Master hackers at your service

Real hackers, not just tools and a group of devs. Our large team of hackers can help you simulate a real-world attack and assess your digital assets better.

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How does Equator work?

Understanding our most popular VAPT service.

  • You Authorize Testing

    We get authorization from you to perform penetration testing on your website and digital assets.

  • Our hackers attack

    Our team of 21 ethical hackers attack your public-facing assets to find P0 and P1 vulnerabilities.

  • Real-world simluation

    We stagger our attacks to ensure that your digital assets and data stay secure while simulating a real-world hack.

  • Fixing Vulnerabilities

    Our security specialists and hackers work with your team to fix and retest all the vulnerabilities we discover.

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