Cloud Security

Secure. Continuous. Hybrid. Intelligent. Cloud Security at its finest

Integrate security into every aspect of your cloud. Secure cloud applications, microservices, and data. Manage compliance with ease.

Our experts understand DevSecOps

Continuous delivery needs continuous CI/CD pipeline security and cloud security posture monitoring. Our DevSecOps experts understand your needs better.

Cloud compliance and governance

Migrating your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud? We can help you implement security policies and ensure total compliance with ease.

End-to-end Containerization security

Security is essential when you’re building microservices or deploying containerized applications. We can help you develop safer containerized services for your customers.

Hybrid Approach

Are you still relying on automated tools for cloud security and compliance? Our security and compliance experts use a manual+tool-based approach to meet your exact requirements.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Improving and reinforcing your security posture is essential to ensure total peace of mind for your customers. We can help you deploy and improve your CSPM implementations.

Specialized Cloud Security

Ensure better HIPAA, CIS, PCI-DSS or ISO27001 standards compliance and governance using native cloud tools and our expertise in cloud and cybersecurity.

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360-degree cloud security

Whether you're building apps, creating microservices or providing storage - you need your cloud infrastructure to be secured at all times. Our cloud security team has the right solutions, tools, and talent to meet your specific needs.

Dedicated security team

The world is moving to the cloud. As cloud services evolve, their attack surface is also evolving and increasing significantly. Our cloud security experts can help you safeguard your cloud infrastructure and fortify its security consistently.


We know how cloud hackers think

So you can secure your cloud applications, microservices, and data. 

  • AI + Human Innovation

    Our expert manual cloud assessments catch specific scenarios that tools can miss. We use innovation to boost the capabilities of AI.

  • A hacker-driven approach

    Our ethical hackers know the mindset of cloud hackers and implement measures to counter attacks reliably and consistently.

  • Largest unique repository of hack payloads

    Our unique repository of hacking payloads helps us better analyze and determine threats to your cloud infrastructure.

  • Skilled community of ethical hackers

    Our hackers sharpen their skills by participating in bug hunts and bounty programs. This keeps them on their toes—and happy!

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