Cybersecurity Recruitment by Cybersecurity Experts

AI-driven Candidate Search

CYWORKS - our highly scalable, in-house recruitment platform leverages the power of AI + deep social media integration to find top talent for you.

Dedicated Team

Our cybersecurity recruitment experts understand your exact cybersecurity needs better. We source the right security specialists that fit your requirements.

Only the best candidates

We focus on quality, not quantity. Our extensive candidate sourcing and vetting process ensures that you only get specialists with an 80%+ JD match.

Why Choose Our Cybersecurity Recruitment Services?

We connect top cybersecurity professionals and companies to find and source the candidates that are a perfect match for your cybersecurity needs.

In-house screening tool

CYWORKS, Our in-house, AI-driven candidate search and filtering tool only showcases candidates with an 80% JD match to meet your exacting requirements.

Intelligent candidate sourcing

We perform intelligent profile screening to source verified candidates from our contacts, networks, social media, and our pool of 80k+ global security professionals.

Cybersecurity-aware recruiters

Our recruiters constantly keep up with the latest cybersecurity fundamentals and news to ensure all-around InfoSec maturity and better candidate evaluation.

Cybersecurity specific recruitment team

We are India’s first and only specialized Cybersecurity-specific recruitment company. Our recruiters understand your specific needs and only shortlist candidates you can hire.

Vetted strategic hires

Our recruitment specialists leverage our vast pool of verified candidates that are well-suited for strategic hirings such as CISOs, Directors, SVPs, VPs, AVPs and Managers.

Turnkey cybersecurity recruitment

From security team requirements analysis to sourcing cybersecurity experts – we can easily handle all aspects of cybersecurity recruitment for you.

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We connect top cybersecurity professionals and companies

So you can hire cybersecurity professionals with confidence

  • We do all the ground work

    So you can scale your business securely. The right cybersecurity talent will drive business success for you. Build your cybersecurity A-team!

  • We ask the right questions

    To ensure that the top cybersecurity specialists we shortlist for you can deliver according to your company’s security needs.

  • We have the right connections

    Our cybersecurity community connections help us find the right individuals for your requirements faster than ever before!

  • We have the right tools

    Our in-house cybersecurity recruitment tool helps us find suitable candidates for your specific requirements.

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