EQX Scan

Beat hackers at their own game

EQX Scan is engineered by our team of hackers and security specialists, ensuring 360-degree coverage to find and plug vulnerabilities and backdoors - for good.

Engineered for today's threats

EQX Scan is a highly structured VAPT exercise that tests your existing perimeter and technology stack from a blackhat hacker's perspective - leaving no stone unturned. Total peace of mind - guaranteed!

Securing your digital assets

Does your organization believe that cyber security is a one-time job? Let our specialized team assess and investigate your security infrastructure from a hacker’s mindset.

We know how hacks work

That’s why our structured VAPT services are so good at mitigating cyber attack risks. Try EQX Scan’s next-generation services today!

360-degree coverage

EQX Scan keeps all digital assets safe and secure from prying eyes – boosting customer confidence and business growth!

Safeguarding complex platforms

EQX Scan is a platform-agnostic multi-tiered approach that assesses all complex platforms irrespective of code, platform or service

Multi-tiered scans

Together, EQX Automated Scan and EQX Manual Scan use the most comprehensive control list in the industry for vulnerability assessment.

For people and applications

EQX Scan ensures that your data and applications stay safe and secure at all times. We identify and plug vulnerabilities to help you build a safer online platform.

Made for tomorrow's hacks

EQX Scan’s unique hybrid testing platform uses structured automated application crawling and scanning  techniques for complex platforms and technologies.

Business logic made safer

Loopholes in business logic can have a lasting impact on your business. Our teams plug these loopholes to ensure your platform’s safety, security and reliability.

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How does EQX Scan ensure total attack coverage?

  • Structured for 360 degree coverage

    EQX Scan is a multi-tiered vulnerability and penetration exercise that covers every aspect of perimeter security in one go.

  • Unique payloads for total coverage

    Our team targets specific areas of your digital assets with our industry-first, unique payloads specially designed to uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

  • Tested today, Safer tomorrow!

    Our security team works with you to fix the vulnerabilities we find to improve the security posture of your applications.

  • Find, Track, Fix

    We track bugs and patches to ensure that you know when the bug was found, when will it be fixed, when it is fixed, and when will we re-validate it.

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