DigiSec Cyber Solutions

Enterprise-grade Security Assessment- Now standard at every endpoint

Cybercriminals and hackers are getting smarter and looking to compromise your digital assets and feed them to the dark web. Beat them at their own game. Secure your connected services today!

  • VAPT (Penetration Testing)
  • Our Blackbox/Greybox Approach
  • Mobile App Security
  • DevOps Security
  • Database Admin Services
  • Cloud Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Security Reports
  • Containerization Security
  • Cybersecurity Recruitment
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Our Top Cybersecurity Services

Experience our industry-leading turnkey cybersecurity solutions for threat mitigation

Cloud Security

We curate security posture reports and detailed technical reports with summaries of detected issues, root-cause analysis and remedial measures.

Enterprise-Grade DB Consulting

Our team of database consultants can help you quickly implement, deliver and migrate your existing systems to Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB and more!

Equator and EQX Scan

VAPT at its best. Our 21-strong team of ethical hackers attack your public-facing assets to find P0 and P1 vulnerabilities. We work with you to fix them - for good.

Cybersecurity Recruitment

Our 27+ strong cybersecurity recruitment team is constantly trained on cybersecurity's latest dimensions and trends to source the best candidates for you.

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Our Approach To Security

End-to-end, avant-garde turnkey cybersecurity solutions for total peace of mind.

  • Stay in Control

    Defending your existing technology-driven business becomes as critical as finding new threats. Our team of cybersecurity professionals will help you give your users a safer online experience.

  • Only Hackers can find Hackers

    Cybercriminals are elusive. This is why we employ the best ethical hackers and security experts around, so they can continuously put your digital assets to the test.

  • Security is continuous

    Security compliance is only the tip of the iceberg. You must constantly find and patch new vulnerabilities before hackers do to keep your IT assets and data safe and secure.

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Our leadership team

Viveik Kumar

Vivek is an inquisitive, focused, targeted and competent cybersecurity expert with over a decade of experience managing large corporate accounts, strategic and community alliances and securing digital.

While IT Solutions and Cyber Security are his forte, Viveik has proven to be an enthusiastic marketer, a seasoned strategist and a capable leader at DigiSec, helping the company grow rapidly.

Viveik works with top security researchers and hand-picked hackers to provide solutions to reduce cyber vulnerabilities for his expanding clientele.


Sandeep is an accomplished client success professional who understands the difficulty of running a business first-hand. As a Managing Partner and Head of Strategy at DigiSec, he works on transformative applications and solutions that benefit small to mid-enterprises in securing their digital assets and infrastructure.


He has spent over a decade assisting and supervising organizations in their digital transformation and automation needs. Sandeep has carried out many solutions, customer engagement programs, and diverse business-oriented solutions for clients worldwide.